This page will walk you through a typical experiment. I suppose that you have installed all the required python libraries.

Configure the Contiki stack

To compile and execute WSN simulation we use the Contiki operating system. We need to set up the fabric file that will be the orchestrator of our experiments to know where is the contiki folder. For that simply put the address of your current contiki in the fabfile.py at the root of makesense:

# Modify in your fabfile this line
CONTIKI_FOLDER = "/my/path/to/contiki"

If you are satisfied with default you don’t need to modify anything in the fabfile to get started.

Creating a simulation

Makesense is shipped with a little experiment to quickly get started and get a grasp of what the framework can do. To get started with a dummy experiment simply run the following command in the makesense directory:

fab new:dummy  # Will create a dummy experiment

This command will create a folder in experiments/dummy containing:

  • Contiki source code for server and a client
  • A Cooja Simulation Config file (CSC) that will be used to create a simulation
  • A Makefile that will help relaunch the

Compiling a simulation

Because makesense know all the path to the Contiki source code and to the simulation file we can simply make all the firmware by typing this command:

fab make:dummy

This command will compile all the firmware for the dummy experiment and will compile also the simulator if it’s not already done.

Launching an experiment

Launching an experiment is pretty straightforward. Simply type:

fab launch:dummy

The dummy experiment is designed to produce log files that will be analyzed later on. The goal here is to produce as much results as possible.